مبدل سیگنال RF به فیبرنوری   FTTH
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مبدل سیگنال RF به فیبرنوری FTTH

High quality: original system optimization control technology and RF pre-distortion technology ensure that the system can acquire the maximum CTB, CSO in the case of excellent CNR performance.

Flexibility: it can transmit 1~2 ways of SAT-IF signal separately or adding 1 ways CATV signal

Reliability: 19 “1U standard rack, built-in high-performance dual switching power supply, it can work in the backup at 85 ~ 265Vac City Network Voltage, MS-level automatic switching; chassis cooling automatic temperature control.

Intuitive: The panel LCD window displays the operating parameters. Equipped with microprocessor monitors the working state of the laser

Network type: Select All-piece status monitoring transponder guarantee to meet the national standard and be compatible with the SCTE HMS standard, it enables network management monitoring capabilities.

Pluggable power supply: Power supply hot and cold backup on back panel, support hot-pluggable, easy to repair and maintain.

Optical parameter  
Optical wavelength 1290~1600nm  
Receiving sensibility -22dBm  
Optic return loss ≥50dB  
Optical connector type SC/APC, FC/APC Specified by user
Optical fiber type Single Mode  
SAT-IF parameter    
Frequency range 950~2600MHz  
Output level 10~30dBmV 70~90dBuV
Flatness ±1.5dB  
Optic return loss ≥12dB  
IM3 65dB  
HUM 60dB  
IP1 18dBm  
Output impedance 75Ω (50Ω option)  
IF connector F-Female  
Transmit channels 36CH QPSK or FM
Power supply AC 90~265V -48VDC option
Power consumption ≤5W Single power supply
Operating temperature -0~50 ℃  
Storage temperature -40~85 ℃  
Relative humility 20%~85%  
Size 19’’× 14.5’’ × 1.75’’ W*D*H
Weight 4.5KG

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